Mr. Pissed Off 06/10/2007

I couldn't sleep last night. I was still awake through the midnight and I could hear the sky was crawling, wind was blowing and rain was falling crazily.  If not the rainstorm was disturbing I guess I could get start to have my sweet dream an hour earlier.  Wind was blowing so hard..and the door was shaking even though it was shut..that was so horrible.  I felt like earthquake was happening!

The sermon was good but the guy sat next to me was a pissing us off a little.   While we were singing worship songs..his phone rang then he talked so loud and everyone was staring at him.  As sermon started..his phone rang again..and he talked so loud and seems never wanna hang up.  Everyone started to get a little angry and a man sat in front of him was asking him to keep silent..and he didn't apologize. 

Joined the worship team meeting this afternoon, and I signed up for joining.  I felt like I was back at Killarney while we were having choir practice with Ms. Mackett.  I missed those joyful moment and Miss Mackett was a fun and good teacher.  It's still uncertain that I can join the team because I have to have an interview first.  I really love to perform and sing..but is this a right serving place that God plan for me?  I can only wait for His answer.



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