Selfish and disobey rules are the hardest disease we can combat over, especially in the place of Hong Kong. I'm still been very annoying of people who behave that way, but as a Christian, I became a little 寬容, but I'm still angry. This always happened in hk...fighting for getting on transportations, fighting for getting in or out of the elevator...they just like to fight for everything. Time is not a little...why do they fight? This time is being selfish. When I left my office building, I saw a truck park in front of the door, which was blocking the transportations coming behind and there was a long line and couldn't move for about 10 minutes. I guess no one was in the truck so all the other tranportation had to wait he/she to move away the truck. Truck driver, if you don't have other person to look after the truck for you, you shouldn't park the truck there, you wasted our valuable time. Try to consider that if you are the person who was waiting in the long line at the bus because a truck was stuck in front of you, and you would be annoying too. 



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