I promised Tammy for joining the volunteering activity today, but I didn't join.  I thought I didn't have to register if I go with a friend who'd been register as a volunteer, but I need to register.  Tammy told me that she could ask the nurse who contacted her about whether she can bring one more friend.  As I thought the place was quite far from home and I'm worrying that I may not be able to arrived at 9:15am, I rejected her afterward.  This time was to take care of the 智瘴人士.  Taking care of people and communication are my weaknesses, therefore, lacking of confidence was one of the reason I changed my mind of not joining.
It's been more than half year, and I still don't have mood of applying jobs.  Life can't goes on like this, it will only make me and my parents unhappy.  I'm worrying that I'll become like Aunt Yim Ling.   I am not qualify of choosing jobs, so don't be picky and self center.  Pray first, than apply jobs. 



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