Life is not as what I expected!  I thought amber and red rainstorm would visit us, but the visitor was heavy rain instead of rainstorm.  How about Mr. Thunderstorm?  I seldomly brought my beautiful long umbrella out, but it was a big disappointment for both of us:( 

On the bus journey,  the bus stopped in a sudden not long after it left the bus stop, and I could hear someone was knocking on the bus side.  And I realised a person was running to catch this bus.   After the door opened, the bus driver was very angry and shouted at the passenger.  Well, I guess what he/she did was so danger.  Hongkonger!  What is more important than the care of your body!   Are you rushing for work?  Taking carelessly of your body, no matter how much money you have, your life won't be happy. 



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